Good afternoon Nadia,

Thank you for allowing me to follow up our conversation today with this e-mail. Without you, my request to meet with Bishop Yaldo is likely DOA. Extra special thanks to you for hearing me out – I trust you actually understand our simple technology, down to pressing: *#06# to see the IMEI numbers we capture of every Catholic (including Chaldean Catholics) entering church.

I am officially requesting a meeting with Bishop Yaldo to seek advice and council on earning an endorsement with The USCCB. I will be happy to come in at a time he is least busy during the week.

I have created a visual representation of my request and agenda in an easy 1,2,3 – A,B,C visual format at:  GODclick.com/Yaldo

The explanation:

  1. Today’s “chance” haircut by Lamya Yaldo Kachal lead me to request 
  2. a meeting with Bishop Yaldo.
  3. I then spoke to you who is passing on the request to the Bishop.


  1. Helping Archbishop Vigneron recruit Priests this next year (For the first time ever there were ZERO Diocesans this year.) 
  2. Reverse the U.S. trend of lower Catholic College Admissions
  3. Discuss The1YearBible.com project. Father Mike Schmitz has the #1 Podcast in the U.S. | The format is a-optimal in my opinion. I am producing a more interesting one. It is an activity endorsed and encouraged by Pope John Paul II.

Time requested: 30 minutes.

Without traction and some form of partnering or endorsement with the Catholic Church, these projects are much more likely to fail.

I felt the connection today with Lamya was a sign directly from Heaven. I invite you to check my reference with Sister Neda – she knows my heart. As I mentioned, Sister Neda saved my life and had me quit smoking for good over Lent.

Thank you Nadia!

My contact information for e-mail and cell phone:

Greg@GODclick.com | 248 667 2722

Warmest regards,

Greg Swan

PS: My sister Joanne is head of schools at Shrine so I’d like to believe we have a family business of being Catholic “Difference Makers”.

Gregory Swan
GODclick.com CEO
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